Anecdote - Mexico Concert - JONGKEY ALERT


" A Shipper made a Jongkey poster pink and blue on your phone and Key saw that.
During “JoJo” concert in Mexico. He smiled, waved and blew a kiss at her. “

SHINee World III in Mexico City
Key: Wow! Mexico is beautiful! *amazed*
Fans: *screams and cheers*
MinHo: So, we all know that Mexico is represented by two specific things.
Fans: *still screaming and cheering*
MinHo: This two things are Tacos and Football. *cute smile*
Fans: *some of us laughing because of the football comment*
MinHo: I LOVE FOOTBALL!!! *happy*
I was laughing so hard, he was really cute! He was hyperactive almost all the time! But still cute!